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We are a  recognized leader in optical sensing technologies since 1993, Polestar Technologies provides a full suite of monitoring and sensor products, chemical process technology consulting, and scientific research for a variety of commercial Life Science, Biotechnology, and government clients.


Sales Promotion Announcement

Polestar Technologies, Inc. is happy to announce a special promotional opportunity for companies currently using the YSI 8500 CO2 monitor.  We are offering a trade in value of $2,500.00 towards the purchase of a new DSP 4 channel CO2, O2, pH monitor. There is also another 5% discount on all applicable consumable products associated with the purchase.  This discount would be applicable to sensors, cables and licensing software.

Our customers have told us that the price and quality of our DSP 4000 make it one of the most competitive sensing products in the market today!

There will be limited stock of instruments available for this promotion so do contact us ASAP for any further details.   or   781-449-2284

***This offer is for YSI 8500 end users only and does not apply to any of our distribution, manufacturer rep or channel partner affiliates.