Karen K. Carpenter is the founder and CEO of Polestar Technologies. Prior to founding Polestar Ms. Carpenter served as Chief Financial Officer for Geo-Centers, Inc., a government contracting company. In addition, she has several decades of management experience in government-sponsored research and product development, both domestic and international.

Karen started Polestar Technologies with the vision of bridging the gap between scientific research and solving problems with new products and innovations. Polestar Technologies was founded with the objective of using solid scientific research and discoveries to create real products and solutions for difficult applications.

She is particularly excited about future applications for the company’s cutting-edge technology, which non-invasively detects opioids for first-responders and explosives for security applications.

Outside of Polestar, Karen‘s many passions include volunteering with Guardian Angels Cat Rescue to foster and rescue homeless and abandoned cats, playing trumpet and piano, baking her weekly batch of sourdough bread, and spending time boating with her husband.

Ms. Carpenter earned her B.A. in Sociology from Northwestern University, her MBA from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and her doctorate from the Institute for Worship Studies.