Dr. Shashidhar, known as “Shash”, is responsible for the Scientific Research (Research and Technology) division at Polestar, where he develops new research and development programs and ensures that they are funded by contracts with the Federal Government. Shash is also responsible for growing customer relationships across all funding agencies. Under his leadership, Polestar’s research and development program has more than doubled and has achieved technology breakthroughs in the areas of advanced sensors, remote detection of explosives, and energy conversion using nano-materials.


Prior to joining Polestar, Shash held scientific leadership positions at SAIC, Geo-Centers, Inc., and the Naval Research Laboratory. He has also had research and teaching positions at MIT, Ruhr University in Germany, College de France, the Raman Research Institute in India, and at AT&T Labs. Shash earned his Bachelor of Science, Masters of Science, and Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Mysore in India. Shash enjoys traveling, photography, and music.