Accurate Monitoring of CO2 is Vital Across Many Different Industries. Rely on Polestar For Precise Measurements.

Reliable, Accurate, and Maintenance-free Sensing

Polestars optical sensors and probes

Polestar offers two types of CO2 sensing film – colorimetric and ratiometric fluorescence.

The colorimetric sensing film, originally developed for gas phase monitoring of conditions within rebreather dive gear, is specifically designed to detect at levels where CO2 is hazardous to human health.

The ratiometric fluorescence-based sensing film is designed for monitoring over a wider range of CO2 partial pressures for applications such as bioprocess monitoring. Detection involves direct reaction of CO2 with the hydrophobic polymer encapsulated indicator of the sensing film, eliminating the need for the bicarbonate buffer used in Severinghaus type CO2 sensors and the problems that can arise with large osmotic gradients.

Available ranges of operation

Colorimetric CO2 – 0 to 25 mbar
Fluorescent CO2 – 0 to 80% (1 ATM)

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Biopharma & Biotechnology

Our sterilizable sensor products are accurate and precise and perform in demanding applications.

Diving Rebreathers

Whether its for dive rig manufacturers or recreational diving, having optimal equipment makes all the difference. Our accurate sensors can be incorporated into rebreathers for a more efficient dive.

Environmental Monitoring

Measuring CO2 to determine water quality and safety can be easily monitored with Polestar’s precise sensors. For measurements in the lab or in the field, our rugged sensors are energy efficient and fast.

Food & Beverage

Oxygen has a profound effect on the flavor and quality of food and beverage products. Careful monitoring of oxygen (CO2) is essential. Polestar Technologies sensors can easily be incorporated in smart packaging or brewery applications, for non-invasive, sample-free monitoring resulting in maximum yield.