The Digital Sensor Module (DSM) Highly Accurate Optical Measurements for pH, O2, CO2

Polestar DSM Digital Sensor Module

Small and lightweight, the DSM packs an enormous amount of capability into its small size. Polestar’s DSM optical monitor allows for the accurate measurements of oxygen (O2), pH, and carbon dioxide (CO2) in solution or gas phase. The single system features all the necessary electronics and an easily navigated digital interface which reduces the need for multiple monitors allowing more workstation space and lowers maintenance requirements.

A Small Monitor with Big Results

The DSM Optical Process Monitor was designed specifically to operate with Polestar’s cost-effective oxygen, pH, and CO2 sensing film.


DSMs are available for various ranges of measurement and include diagnostics for continuous sensor performance monitoring, and automatic temperature compensation to optimize their reliability.

Sensing film calibration factors can be uploaded by a PC-based graphical user interface (GUI). This can be used to display measurement readings and conduct routine checks on the sensor electronics and/or calibrations against known standards for improved measurement accuracy.

Easy To Use

The DSM is designed for quick startup and for easy installation and operation. The M28-1.5 thread allows for in-line or panel mounting. View our Data Sheet to see the DSM specifications.

DSM Features

DSM-F For Remote Configurations

For when you need the sensor to be positioned away from the sample.

Customizable Solutions for all your Sensing Requirements

The DSM-F includes a fiber optic cable to enable the sensor electronics to be positioned away from the sensing film. Fiber optic cable assemblies will be available for use of the DSM-F with all of the sensor configurations, including the 12mm Stainless Steel probe, iDOT, and flow-cell. A fiber optic assembly having a Tuohy-Borst Luer fitting will also be available for use with custom port adapters.

DSM-F spec sheet


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