Polestar’s CO2 Sensors for Rebreathers

Dive Rigs

For over a decade, Polestar Technologies has been working with major dive rig manufacturers to allow for safer and more productive dives. Our sensors are also incorporated into emergency personnel rebreathers for important rescue and recovery missions.

Recreational Diving

Rebreathers allow divers to stay underwater longer and get quietly close to marine life. Whether it’s that perfect picture you are looking to take or just enjoying the view, your gear won’t make the typical noises scuba gear does. Your rebreather outfitted with Polestar’s CO2 sensor will enable a great dive. Our CO2 sensors are accurate and precise. Changing the sensing film is easy and inexpensive. Contact your rebreather distributor to find out how Polestar’s sensors can enhance the safety of your diving experience.



Having Polestar’s cutting-edge CO2 sensor fitted to your rebreather can make for a safer, more efficient dive.

Submersible Habitat Monitoring

Scuba diver using Polestar's sensing technologies


Scientists need manned submersible to make collections, map marine litter, or even monitor coral reefs to cover potential changes over a period of time.

We help take the guesswork out of integrating CO2 sensors into your products. Our scientists will partner with you to determine the best solution for your CO2 measurement needs.


We can help you find a reliable and accurate solution for your oxygen monitoring needs

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