The DSP4000 Monitoring System for Highly Accurate Optical Measurements for pH, O2, and CO2


Polestar’s DSP4000 optical monitor allows for accurate measurements of oxygen (O2), pH, and carbon dioxide (CO2). The single system reduces the need for multiple monitors, allowing more workstation space and lowers maintenance requirements, which ultimately reduces costs and eliminates the need to learn multiple systems.

Designed for Use with Polestar’s Patented Sensors

The Model DSP4000 Optical Process Monitor was designed specifically to operate with Polestar’s oxygen, pH, and CO2 sensors. Each independent channel can be configured to measure any of these parameters one at a time. The parameter which is being monitored can easily be changed over by the user.


The DSP4000 includes automatic temperature and pressure compensation as well as automatic gain control (AGC) to optimize readings and maximize sensor lifespan. Pre-set calibration factors can be uploaded using a conventional USB flash drive, which can also be used for local storage of process run data. In compliance with 21CFR part 11, run data are time-stamped via an on-board clock, and all changes to run settings are logged and may be password protected.

Easy To Use

The DSP4000 is designed for easy installation and operation. It may be pipe, surface,  panel-mounted, or used on the benchtop. It features a large, easy-to-read four-line VFD display and intuitive menu-driven software. The keypad is ESD and EMI shielded with no double assignment of keys; it is also sealed and washable and offers positive tactile feedback. Download the Datasheet.

DSP 4000 Key Features