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Carbon Dioxide - Digital Sensor Module

With funding from the US Navy, Polestar successfully developed a Carbon Dioxide - Digital Sensor Module (CD-DSM) for use in rebreather equipment. During this development effort, it became clear that similar compact, low-power modules could be developed to expand the list of measured parameters to include gas phase or dissolved levels of O2 as well as pH.

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Chemical Sensing Antenna Structures

Through a series of programs supported by the US Air Force, Polestar has developed a unique sensing platform that has been shown capable of detecting airborne chemical warfare agents at subpart per billion gas-phase concentrations. This new sensing technology utilizes advanced nanostructured metamaterial.

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Self-Tracking and Reconnaissance of Explosives

Research for this groundbreaking development was funded by DARPA, DHS, and JIDO. As the threat of concealed explosives increases, the need for novel detection and identification technologies has increased. To answer that call, we developed the capability of chemical identification of explosives hidden by a person at a distance. It has been touted as the single best technology investment for explosive detection research. Polestar is currently working to adapt this technology for the remote detection and identification of opioids for use by first responders, city and state law enforcement, and border protection.

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