Polestar’s non-invasive pH sensors will have you quickly up and monitoring accurately

Glass-Free, Pre-Calibrated Sensing Technology

Polestar’s optical pH sensing films uses ratiometric fluorescent detection that automatically corrects for signal loss due to photobleaching,  providing stable, accurate, and reliable measurements of pH over the life of the sensing film. Films are delivered pre-calibrated with responses to pH that are independent of the solution temperature. The fluorescent sensing approach is glass-free and eliminates the need for reference electrodes and the easily clogged liquid junctions that limit the operation lifetime of traditional pH electrodes.

Sensing films are available for two ranges of pH

•pH Low – 3.0 to 6.5
•pH Mid – 6.0 to 9.0

Films can be stored dry between uses, are USP Class VI certified and compatible with gamma sterilization.


Learn the science behind Polestar’s ratiometric method




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Polestar’s optical sensors enable in situ, real-time monitoring of important culture parameters without sampling which won’t disturb the culture. Implementing Polestar’s precise technology can decrease the workload and gain deeper understanding of the cell culture. Our pre-calibrated pH sensors can have you up and monitoring quickly.


Water quality is crucial for all living things, agriculture, and recreation. The pH level in a lake or stream is crucial for the survival of fish and aquatic plants. The pH in water can tell you a lot about your water quality. See how our pH sensors can get you monitoring quickly and accurately.

Food & Beverage

Monitoring of pH is also very important in the food production process, especially in dairy products. Milk is tested for impurities and signs of infection, while beer and wine producers rely on precise pH readings to determine the taste and quality of the final product. See how Polestar’s small sensors can make a big impact on your product and bottom line!