Polestar Technologies Awarded 12-Month Contract to Develop a Non-Imaging System to Detect Concealed Explosives and Anomalies for the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Divisionread more

Needham, Mass – March 22, 2022 – Polestar Technologies Inc., a woman-owned small business in Massachusetts, has recently been awarded a contract funded by Explosive Detection Equipment (EDE) Branch at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Division in Maryland. The contract is being funded to develop a non-imaging system to detect concealed anomalies and identify concealed explosives on people at 15-20 meters (50-65 feet) standoff distance using multispectral analysis.

Celebrating the Scientific Contributions of Women and Girls

February 11, 2021 – William N. Bryan, Acting Under Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security , celebrates contributions by women in science with recognition to Polestar’s CEO, Karen Carpenter… read more

Department of Homeland Security SBIR Success Story “Explosives Detection Technology”

November 2020 -This success story highlights the DHS SBIR company Polestar Technologies, Inc., of Needham Heights, Massachusetts, which developed a portable system for stand-off detection of concealed explosives to detect and identify different types of explosives…. read more

FLEXcon Announces Collaboration With Polestar Technologies to Manufacture Optical COSensor

October 2017 – “Polestar and FLEXcon partner to manufacture optical sensor for use with life support systems such as the mixed gas rebreathers used by emergency personnel as well as for recreational diving…” read more

Polestar Technologies is featured in NASA’s Spinoff Program!

May 2014 – “After learning about the Kennedy scientists’ sensor deficiencies, Needham Heights, Massachusetts-based Polestar Technologies, Inc. a company that specializes in high-tech monitoring equipment, conceived an idea to develop a more reliable sensor: one that uses fluorescent quenching in a novel way to determine how much oxygen is present in a given medium...” read more

Small Business – Big Player in Discovering Human Stress Behaviors Hormone

October 2013 – “Can a simple blood test predict the extremes of a person’s behavior? The keys that unlock this mystery are seeded in levels of a hormone – Oxytocin, which is a peptide widely known for its part in reproduction and childbirth. Recently, the character of oxytocin as a neuromodulator in the central nervous system of humans has been recognized. It is now known that…” read more

Polestar Technologies Inc. Awarded NOAA Contract to Support U.S. National Oceans Policy

September 2013 – “The rapid decline of living coral reefs has been a major concern of oceanographers and aqua-agriculturists worldwide. The well-being of our planet is directly related to the health of our oceans. The White House delivered its final plan for the U.S. contribution to managing the world’s oceans; outlined in a strategy whose goals are to synchronize more than two dozen government and non-government agencies including fishing, offshore energy exploration, and recreational activities on April 16, 2013. The development efforts…” read more